Of Mice and Men MUNI Sheet Activity

The book Of Mice and Men told a very good story that displayed very true and real factors of life. I was really able to connect to the book in many different ways. One of the things that really stood out to me right in the very beginning of the story was the struggles that migrant farm workers go through on a regular basis. I had never really given any thought to it, but I soon learned of what extreme efforts they give to perform some of the hardest work and lowest pay. It also shocked me to learn that this is happening here in California!

The MUNI sheets helped me to take in a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the book. On the section that regards “global conversation” it made me think of ways that the state could help these farm workers in some way. One of the ideas that I came up with was a better public transportation system for the farmers. Usually they can catch a bus to the nearest town, but then have to walk miles upon miles to the ranch and/or farmland. If you’ve ever been through the central valley region, you would know that the towns are very small and about 30 miles apart. There are no streets to walk on, just one or two highways. If we could make two or three bus stops in between each city and maybe pave some walkways it would make their travels much more easier and comfortable.

The amount of effort they put in for what little pay they receive is ridiculous. The best thing to do would be to make more jobs for them and encourage them to find work elsewhere, but that can’t just be done at the snap of someones fingers. There is a ton of economical issues behind it that will never allow that to work out. If adding more bus stops and paved walkways is all we can do, then that’s the best we can do. Anything at all can help them in their struggles to work. I have really gained a new respect for these people and their work ethic. It is very moving and think people should learn about what they go through because just a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea.060407_migrantWorkers

Taking Risks

Society and Technology

T.S Eliot once said “ Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” In life, sometimes you have to take risk in order to succeed in what you are doing. An example of this would be trying to own a business. Not all businesses are successful. In fact, there are a lot of businesses that end up going bankrupt or people actually start to lose money from the business. But some can be very awarding, take Mcdonalds for example, one day someone came up with an idea to make a fast food restaurant that would be significantly different from all the other fast foods to attract more people.I’ve recently scrolled upon a commercial announcement that Microsoft will be making a hologram lens that will let you do many extraordinary things like build blueprints for projects and even entertainment. A lot of…

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Change Is Good

Sometimes we look for change in our lives, but often times we fear it. There’s no way to prevent it from happening and you might as well get used to it because it will always happen. I think that change is important. You don’t want to live the same old life every day doing the same old things. We tend to get too used to our ordinary routines and then when something changes unexpectedly, it can really throw you off. When life is going good for you, change can suck. When its not so good, change can be good. It really all just depends. I try to change up little things all the time. For example my flavor of toothpaste, the music I listen to or the activities I do. If you want to think about it from a scientific perspective, you are 100% different than what you were 7 years ago. Every cell in your body from 7 years ago has died and new ones have taken its place. Pretty crazy huh? Without change, life would get really boring, really quick. It can be scary because you never know what to expect. Your ordinary life that you are used to and comfortable with may no longer feel so comfortable. This is all a good thing though. It’s good to wander outside of your comfort zone to try new things, you never know what you’ll find and what you might like. Just remember that “Change is the rhythm of life” and you’re not the only one going through it. Good or bad it happens to everyone, everywhere.shutterstock_111462035

Perspective On Time

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Time flies when you’re having fun”? It actually doesn’t change speed depending on your mood or feelings. It just feels like that. Classes here at Fountain Valley are 55 minutes long, sometimes they feel like 2 hours and sometimes they feel like 20 minutes. If you are actively engaged in an activity, the time will seem to go by faster because you are focused on something and not checking the clock every 5 minutes. If you sit at your desk and do nothing at all except sit on your phone, you will find that it feels a lot longer and much more boring. Even though in both scenarios you are sitting there for the same exact amount of time, the difference in feeling can be tremendous. If you were to put 2 students in a room without a clock and told one to work on something and the other to do nothing at all, the student engaged in work will tell you the time spent in the room is a lot shorter than the student doing nothing. This happens to everything in our lives, not just school. For example, when I wake up in the morning, say around 10 o’clock, and I have plans with at pretty girl at 2 o’clock, those 4 hours in between seem endless. It’s the same way with spring break. That’s all that I can think about and how much fun it’s going to be, but it feels like it is taking forever to get here! The more excited you are and the more you look forward to something, the longer it is going to feel until it happens. Even though there is no difference in the actual amount of time passes. Weird how that works…global-common-330x220-students-classroom-clock

Gone But Not Forgotten

When I was a little kid, my family and our friends used to go camping out on a ranch in Temecula about twice a year. It was a really fun place, there was always so much to do. There were a ton of places to go fishing or swimming. One of my favorite ponds had a dock and a tire swing. There were tons of trails that went off into the mountains that we could go and explore on. One of my favorite parts was the barn. It was old and run down but we didn’t care. It had a mechanical bull that didn’t work so we used to tie a rope around the head and spin each other around. We used to make up stories around the campfire about how the barns attic was haunted. All the kids would get scared and see who was brave enough to go in there and look around. At night time, we would all get in the bed of my dads truck and drive around in the mountains with a spot light looking for coyotes. The sky at night had so many stars that it made the sky seam more white than it was black. When everybody went to sleep, it was the most silent sound anyone could ever hear. You could only hear the occasional cricket or coyote howling. There was no lights out there, it all came from the moon. Every year as we got older and older, we seamed not to appreciate it as much anymore. We always wanted to stay home with our friends rather than go camping when we had vacation time in school. The funny thing is, now that i’m older, I miss it more and more. You never know how much you’ll miss something until it’s gone. The ranch is still there today, but it isn’t the same. They have a bunch of new buildings and stuff out there. We also sold our motor home. You need a special membership now, but I would do anything to go spend one more weekend out at the old ranch.200228439-001

Why Do Kids Flunk Out of School

I once had a friend who never really did too well in school. He would always get in trouble and fool around. He never took school seriously and just didn’t care. All he did at home was play video games and never studied or did any homework. He had a very poor work ethic. He eventually flunked out and now doesn’t go to high school. People may wonder what some of the reasons are for kids flunking. The answers may surprise you, as they are not the same reasons a kid would have flunked twenty years ago.

This day in age, technology is overrunning the world. Many teens are so sucked up into technology that they lose focus on what is truly important in life. When teens are distracted by their phones and video games, they spend less time doing their school work. If they even do it at all. With less time for school work, they most likely will stay up into the late hours of the night.  This is also not healthy. “The Internet and other media types are reported to have important social and mental health effects in adolescents. The association between television viewing and obesity, attention disorders, school performance and violence has been reported.” is what Philip Chan says in his article ‘Playing Video Games Causes Poor Grades’. When students have technology around them such as social media and video games, it can become destructive to their school work.

Many students who drink alcohol or use drugs can have their grades greatly affected as well. When a student’s mind is on getting drunk or high instead of the test coming up, you can see where the priorities might get mixed up. It is a proven statistic that students using drugs or alcohol don’t do as well in school. They can make you lazy and make your mind think differently. “The bottom line is that using marijuana can only make it harder for you to do your best—no matter how smart you are.”  is what the author of article ‘Marijuana and Your Grades’ thinks about its use in students.

With all of these things accessible to students, you can see where their mind might get taken off of school and the importance of it. It is important that students keep a clear head and stay on the right path of avoiding drugs, alcohol and technology overload so that they don’t flunk school. Most teens may read this and think,” Oh this isn’t true.” but that’s because they are in denial and probably don’t want to admit that the reason they got a bad test grade or the reason they missed an assignment was because they were lazy and their mind was somewhere else. School is something you should take seriously. You don’t want to end up as a dropout because of these things.

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High School

High school changes everything. People and their goals change tremendously. When I came into high school, I wanted to make it into the NFL. Now i’m not sure if I just grew up or my mid just completely changed but that goal is far gone. I realized after 2 more seasons of football that that is not what I want to do. I love playing football and it is fun, but i’m not sure if I can do it for that much longer. I used to put football over everything, which was probably good and productive. Now I am the complete opposite. My outlook on high school changes all the time it feels like. Some days I just think of how bad I want to graduate and move out on my own, but on some days I realize how easy life is right now and I just want to embrace it while I can. Sure, class is always boring as hell, but its the time you spend outside of class that makes high school memorable. All the after school activities whether it be sports, clubs, dances or just hanging out with friends. These are the moments we will truly remember. I often find me repeating myself in my blog posts. Always talking about how you need to make the best out of things while you can before they’re gone. This is because I feel like that is the most important thing you should do. Life is what you make of it, so always have a positive attitude towards thing and life will be a lot less negative!ICHS_73_hallway2

Everybody Has Problems

No matter who you are or what you think of yourself, you have a problem. Somehow and someway there is an issue with you. You may not see it, maybe others see it in you. My point is that no one is perfect. A lot of times people look at celebrities and famous people, thinking that they are perfect and good at everything. This is not the case. Everybody has problems of their own. Some are obvious and some aren’t so obvious or hidden. There is a quote on the internet that I find very funny but true. It says, “No matter how pretty she is, some guy, somewhere, is tired of her s**t”.  I like this because it is so true. Everyone, no matter who they are, will do something that you don’t like or something that bugs/ annoys you. With all of this in mind, you must also realize you must watch what you say. We are talking about people having problems that others may not see or know about. If you say something that doesn’t settle with a person’s problem, it can result in hurt feelings and anger, even though you didn’t know about the persons issues. Just something to keep in mind. So watch what you say. You don’t always know what people are going through or have gone through.girl tearing out hair

Why Silence Is Undervalued In America

Sometimes people just need a little bit of peace and quiet. It’s normal. Everybody has their moments where they just want to close their eyes and take a step out of the game for a bit. Life is full of loud noises and annoyances, people sometimes just want to get away from the constant chatter and car horns. Sometimes the best thing to do to get away from everything is to take a day and go for a nice hike out in the mountains or something. Only few people have discovered the peace of getting away from constant noise. I feel that if everybody experienced peace, quiet and isolation, people would respect silence so much more. Everybody is built differently, but I cannot stand being in constant loud noise. Concerts aren’t really my thing. People would be at so much more peace and have less stress if they realized the importance of silence. Nothing is more calming than hearing a bunch of noise and people talking just instantly cut out into dead silence. For people who need stress relief I would suggest silence right away. So just remember next time you realize how fed up you are with constant noise, get away from civilization, take a deep refreshing breath of smog free air, and just sit back and enjoy the view. Enjoy the silence.

A Moment of Silence for Fort Hood

Life Is Nothing But A Rulebook

We are controlled. In every aspect of life there is a limitation or a rule against doing what we want. Ever since we are born, we are raised by what others tell us to do. Learning by these rules is how we bring young people to fit into society. Without learning these rules as children, we could grow into a danger to society. That’s exactly what society doesn’t want. Do you ever wonder why? Why there are all these rules? Some seem a little bit excessive. Some don’t. Bottom line is, there’s a ton of them. It’s challenging to think of something that doesn’t have a rule or two to go along with it. Even at our own school. They tell you to be yourself and express yourself how you want, but dress code or some other rule will shut it down. We have freedom of speech, but there is always a limit as to how far you can take it. If life had no rules, it would be very hectic. No doubt. Would it be better or worse? Would you be more free or even more controlled by others? The answer is both yes and no. Sure you would have freedom to do whatever you want, but so would everybody else. The government creates rules and laws for us, citizens, to abide by. What most people usually forget is that the government has rules to follow too. The president cannot just say I want this to be a new rule and it comes into power right away. No. There has to be a series of votes and such to pass a certain rule. So all these rules are voted in by us, the citizens. Not everybody will be happy because it is a majority vote, but it’s the most fair way to go about it. Of course, there are some obvious rules laid down that are necessary for society to safely and efficiently operate, but the rest are brought on by us. At some point, we need to stop making new rules! The reason rules are made is in effort to improve a certain area of society but more rules means less freedom. You decide if more rules is good or bad. Just a thought.